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Margarita Mixes

Consistenly Voted The #1 Margarita Mix

Legend has it that the margarita, the world's most popular cocktail, was concocted in the late 1940's. And thanks to some enthusiastic experimenting, the drink was perfected not long after. Lasco was there from the beginning, perfecting a margarita mix that helped make restaurants and food service operators famous the world over. The Lasco margarita is the perfect blend of lemon and lime, sweet and sour, And our natural ingredients will not leave an aftertaste like other mixes. Lasco’s high quality ingredients create an unrivaled margarita mix that you can be proud to serve.  

Quality Ingredients -

  • Our margarita mixes contain natural lemon and lime juices
  • Our mixes contain egg whites to create the perfect cocktail
  • Our natural ingredients will not leave an aftertaste like other margarita mixes
  • Our margarita mix has the perfect bold blend of sweet and sour flavors

More than just margaritas
This versatile beverage mix can be used for a wide variety of drinks with equally delicious results. Lasco’s margarita mix is also a great marinade for seafood and chicken.

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