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Today, more dollars are spent in food service than ever before. The problem, however, is that there are also more challenges facing food service operators than ever before. These problems range from qualified labor and health concerns to product quality and costs.

These problems are not only limited to operators - they are common to the entire food supply chain. Transportation costs, product availability, and customer service are all elements that separate organizations which are committed to the growth of the food service industry and those which aren't.

Since the early 1900's, Lasco Foods has been committed to manufacturing and marketing premium-quality food products to the food service industry, and giving operators the confidence to serve our products every time. While we've experienced changes in our company, we remain committed now more than ever to providing our customers superior service and premium-quality products.

Your exotic cocktail or simple dessert can transform your establishment into a desired destination. It's how legends are made - and no one has done more to help create those legends than Lasco Foods. Whether it's our drinks and desserts, or soups and sauces, Lasco lets you perfect your restaurant or food service menu and refine your recipes! So the next time you create that signature dish, make it with Lasco. It could be all you need to make yourself a legend.

Thanks for visiting, and I look forward to being there when you're a legend!

Tom Ellinwood
Chief Executive Officer

Lasco Foods Inc.

Lasco Foods - Serve With Confidence Every Time!