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Custom Design

Private label sauces and custom food product development are very popular for many of our customers. We have the dedicated resources and equipment to assist you in developing a new signature food product in a variety of unique packaging options. Plus, unlike our competitors, we do not limit customers to large minimum requirements.

As a business owner and restaurateur, you take a great deal of pride in your signature dishes, whether it's an old family recipe for house dressing, or that special steak sauce you prepare from scratch. However, as your restaurant grows to include multiple locations, often you might experience a shortage of good labor to produce those signature recipe items on a consistent basis. Lasco's food product development program is capable of producing your signature items to your exact specifications, so your restaurant customers can enjoy that "special dish" time after time. In addition, we can help you to package, market and sell your private label food product in the retail and grocery food markets.

Click here to see if your product(s) meet the requirements for Custom work by Lasco Foods.

The Process of Custom Food Product Development

Step 1 - Initial Meeting
private label branding We'll meet with you to discuss your food product ideas, projected product volume, and customer targets. Our minimums are dependent on the item and segment, but are usually achievable.

Step 2 - Formulating Your Custom Food Product Recipe
After signing to a non-disclosure agreement, we'll need to obtain your food recipe/formula, as well as a sample of your product, for our laboratory to analyze. Our lab breaks down the ingredients into percentages and creates a sample of your for your approval (including pricing). custom food design

Step 3 - Food Product Packaging, Labeling & Shipping
restaurant private label Once your new custom recipe is created, we'll discuss a variety of food packaging options and develop the label and nutritional information. We'll also create a "test batch" to ensure the laboratory samples match your product formula produced in our plant. Your custom food product is then labeled, packed, and shipped according to your specifications. This includes a UPC (Universal Purchase Code) where necessary.