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Back Porch Raspberry, Peach and Lemon-Flavored Iced Tea Mixes

Make a splash with your customers by giving them a refreshing experience of a flavored iced tea that tastes like it was brewed fresh in the sun on their own back porch! Lasco’s Back Porch teas combine a delicious taste and convenience in one great product. Our instant iced tea mixes are available in natural raspberry, peach and lemon flavors that are ready to serve just after mixing with water. There is no brewing required.

Lasco Back Porch iced teas hold their freshness and do not have to be discarded like brewed teas. Our instant iced teas are pre-sweetened, naturally caffeinated and contain both natural and artificial flavors. Back Porch Raspberry, Peach and Lemon iced tea mixes are an excellent choice for a food service operator or restarant looking for convenience and great taste from a premium iced tea mix.

Back Porch Raspberry Iced Tea Mix

Back Porch Peach Iced Tea Mix    
Back Porch Lemon Iced Tea Mix