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Gravy and Sauce Mixes

Ideas running dry? Our gravy and sauce mixes and bases have helped create legends the world over in fine restaurants and the food service industry. Try our Cream Soup base for those leftovers, or our Country Gravy for your chicken fried steak, or our Alfredo Sauce - no one will believe it takes minutes to prepare! So whether it's something simple or your signature dish, make it with Lasco gravy and sauce mixes.

Easy to Prepare Sauces and Gravies -

  • Gravies and sauces are a one-step process
  • Great starter for your proprietary custom mix
Quality Ingredients -
  • Premium ingredients allow product to hold up for hours on a steam table and remain consistent and appetizing
Versatile food Product -
  • Sauces can be used as a sauce, soup, or dip
  • Excellent for toppings on nachos, baked potatoes, or mac 'n cheese
  • Cream Soup Base is an excellent base for leftover vegetables, baked potato, broccoli, etc.

UPC Product Description Pack Size Yield / Pkg.
87041 11071 Au Jus Base 8 7.4 oz. 128 oz.
87041 45482 Brown Gravy Mix 12 16 oz. 136 oz.
87041 38937 Chicken Gravy Mix 12 20 oz. 40 oz.
87041 25161 Country Gravy Mix 8 22 oz. 147 oz.
87041 71816 Gravy Mix for Pork 12 16 oz. 136 oz.
87041 16297 Peppered Biscuit Gravy Mix 12 24 oz. 140 oz.
87041 29718 Plain Biscuit Gravy Mix 12 24 oz. 140 oz.