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Welcome to Lasco Foods! We are a St. Louis, MO based company that manufacturers and distributes over 300 food service products in 20 different segments of the food and beverage business.

We are the producer of Lasco Lemon and Lasco Lime Cocktail Mix which was the “Original Margarita Mix” that was developed and supplied to restaurants back in the 1950’s when the Margarita first made its way through local bars and establishments.

Lasco Foods manufactures premium quality food products and specializes in providing finished goods for customers in the foodservice, restaurant or industrial foodservice business. Lasco Foods also specializes in custom food design and private label branding of food products. We work closely with you on proprietary formulas as well as old family recipes that may become the next trendsetter. We complete our work efficiently and confidentially and are only satisfied when you are! Lasco Foods also offers the all inclusive ability to assist in the marketing and sales of your private label food product to all classes of trade, including Mass Merchandise, Club, Military, Export, and Retail.


While our history takes us back over 100 years, Lasco Foods was formed in June, 2004, with the acquisition of Halben Foods Co. Mfg... The history of Halben Foods lends itself to the excellence Lasco Foods commits to on a daily basis.

Our Proven Track Record

We currently produce proprietary formulated blended products for many, nationally known restaurants, distributors and bars. Our portfolio of products is lined with hundreds of proprietary formulations that have proven themselves successful over the years.

Food Technician Expertise/Custom Food Design

Our technicians can develop unique flavor, color and texture profiles, but also match just about any recipe you can place in front of them. Packaging and shipping capabilities to match your needs Our facility can produce sizes of 2 ounces to 55 gallon drums. We can run vertical and horizontal packaging equipment.

Unmatched Reaction Times

Lasco Foods is small enough to remain committed to responding to your individual needs within 48 hours of the issue. We are also large enough to supply upon demand.

Location, Location, Location

Our headquarters and plant facility are both centrally located in St. Louis, and in the heart of the midwest and the Gateway to the West.


Lasco Foods takes your business very seriously. Since your business success is our business success, we will take every opportunity to earn your trust.

Browse our premium quality Lasco label food products, and the areas in which we can produce customized food products for you:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best Regards

VP of Sales and Marketing
Lasco Foods Inc.